Big Scary Monsters

What Business Problem Is Keeping You Up At Night?


Why Are We Called
Big Scary Monsters?


Every company has "business problems" that they don't quite have the time or expertise to solve.

We started calling these the "Big Scary Monster" problems, and the name just stuck.



We Solve Big Problems
for Small Businesses



Whether you're a Start-up, Small Business, or an Entrepreneur looking to get your idea off the ground we're here to help you succeed by offering the following: 

  • Business strategy, creative solutions and operational capacity for companies that need more hands on deck.

  • Help with the design, launch and growth of a business built around your idea, prototype or passion.

  • Solutions for off-line businesses looking to develop an effective and affordable on-line presence.

  • High-level impact at a critical stage of development, and with a lower financial impact than a full-time hire.



Entrepreneurs • Start-ups • Small Companies 


How We Like To Work

We've built a process from our experience and best practices

What Kind of Problems do we like to Solve?


Company Story

Ever feel like your audience is running for the exit?

If it is time to work on your pitch, storytelling, or presentation, we bring an objective eye and professional experience to help you tell your story effectively.

Online Presence

Have a great idea or business but not sure how to get online?

There's a lot of opportunity between "not having a website" and an "expensive website." We can build turnkey websites that do the job, or manage the development of more complex websites.

Business Design 

Ever feel like "business' is a language you're not fluent in?

Big Scary Monsters was founded to help great ideas become successful businesses. We like to say that we went to business school so you don't have to.


Growth Strategy

Not sure if your idea or company is on the right path?

When you're always busy it can be hard to look at the big picture. Let us help turn all the moving parts of your business into a cohesive strategy for intelligent growth.